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What is Start a Little Good?

The Start a Little Good initiative (September 2023 – March 2024) evolved from the Waste No More pilot programme. Har Ghar Hara Ghar was responsible for the onboarding of more than 15,000 households that joined in building societies of South Mumbai’s D Ward.

Start a Little Good has now been introduced in Mumbai’s K-West Ward and in Aurangabad.


Household Participants in the Start a Little Good Initiative
Featured in Times of India
Food and kitchen waste (wet waste) sitting in landfills creates harmful gasses that pollute the land, air and water bodies, and are harmful to us all.
Separating wet and dry waste allows more recyclable items to get recycled. Recycling plastic, metal, paper and glass reduces the amount of virgin resources to be extracted from the environment.
We provide onsite and virtual training to help you manage your waste easily.
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